Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Work hard... my ass!

I've always been one of those students who work their ass off to get to the dead-line. Meaning, I usually do my assignments with time, I'm not one of those who do everything in the last minute. Now, I procrastinate and I am lazy from time to time.

What I simply don't get is how on earth does someone who doesn't touch a fucking pen in the whole year gets a pass in a subject in which I've spent hours working on? How?

I've been told that in order to reach far, I have to work hard. Well... I have worked hard, but the results ain't helping me to reach far. How do you do that? Succeding without any effort? Does anyone know?

I know I'm jealous right now. I know I fucking am. But how on earth can you not be jealous of someone who just doesn't give a shit about anyone and gets everything she wants? I've already thought of "at least you are a good person". Well, fuck, I don't want to be a good person anymore if that means working hard and not getting anything in return.