Saturday, September 28, 2013

Social networks

I was talking to a friend one day about this awesome weekend I just had. I hadn't even finished the very first sentence when she interrupted me and told me "Oh, yeah, I read it on twitter". You could say it is my fault for sharing that thought with the whole world on a website. 


However, it made me think about this social media we are so found of. I mean, it is great to stay in touch with people from other countries and catching up with old friends; but we are not aware of the change in people's mentality about the social concept. At least I am not.

Nowadays, we are so attached to technology that we can't even stay half an hour without checking our emails, messages on whatsapp, or mentions on twitter. It is truly a shame. The freaking phone is becoming an extension of us, if it isn't already. 

Sometimes I feel like the world is changing too fast and I just can't keep it up. Maybe I'm an old soul or something like that. Or maybe I just feel too lonely to accept the truth and the change of the modern world.

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