Sunday, December 16, 2012


I believe there is a God up there, who knows each of us really well and that He is there for us to help us pursue the happiness.

However, I don't believe in Church or any religious institution. The reason is because they are human and they all make mistakes. How can you lead a massive group of people into something you think it is true? You sure can tell them here, this is what I think the Bible/Koran says. Fine. But do not banish or allow whatever you like whenever you want. Why the fuck does the Church or the Islam say that those who don't believe will burn in hell forever? That is not the God I know, or any of the things He taught us.

I believe religion is good. I believe God teach us in the Bible that being a good person is the way of being happy. My parents taught me to do that thinking "Do not do to others what you would not want the others to do to you". That is my life's philosophy.

Now, I don't understand how people who go every Sunday to Church won't be an example of what Jesus "would do". If you love so much God, stop being selfish and think about others, because we are His creation and He loves us. Plus, Jesus told us to love each other. Do I need to be more clear?

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