Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Catalans, Muslims, Jews, Christians, terrorists, politicians, headless hipsters, hippies, posh people, poor people... Everyone exaggerates.

I've been aware of some mistakes I've made during my life. To be more precise, about judging people. Even though I've been judged and criticised, I still did the same to other people. In this society it is really easy to follow the trend at the moment and just go with it, not even thinking about it. But the truth is that everyone is quite a "bully".

I've always been a little bit angry with people living in Catalunya. Ever since I was a child, I went with my family skiing to a village in Catalunya, where people talked mostly in Catalan and looked at you all pissed off whenever you asked them to speak in Spanish. It still bothers me. However, I found this really awesome TV series... I know I'm repeating myself again: Polseres Vermelles. Its soundtrack is amazing. I've always thought that Catalan was such an useless language and ugly. But the truth is that it was because of my prejudice the fact of my ignorance of this beautiful songs. And it's a shame.

Not everything is always what we expect.

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