Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friends and boyfriends

I went out last night. A few hours before my friends told me a friend's boyfriend was coming and some other friends of that guy. Cool. Cool, cool, cool. Fine. I don't really love to go out with unknown people. But the majority decides.

So we went to a park to drink. Three of my friends and I sat and enjoyed making jokes and just talking. The other two were with the guys. I am not the type of person who goes and just open herself to a bunch of people I don't know. My friend with the boyfriend was with us for like 10 minutes during the whole night.

Now, I'm not saying you should've stayed all night with us... Although we settled that day for us... But okay, whatever. I'm just saying that we are so young, we'll have time for boys after university.

What hurts me is that I freaking want someone to care about me the way I care for him/her. People never seem to get it. I wish I become that first choice in someone's life, one day...

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