Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Growing apart.

Imagine yourself being taken away from home. Starting all over again, eveything new. You are still in touch with your family and friends. It´s hard at first, but suddenly you start finding your place, you start meeting new people. And your way of seeing the world changes.

Changes again. The world is spinning round and round. It ain´t stopping because you are feeling a little dizzy. You have to get out there and fight for yourself. Mummy and Daddy won´t be there forever. You have to stand up and be an adult. You see yourself now stronger, you want to share with your friends your experience and your new point of view.

You go online willing to tell everyone your advance. No one listens, no one really cares, it is you in front of the world. That is how is going to be from now on. Good to know.

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