Friday, September 16, 2011


Back to university. New people around me. I don´t know anyone. I miss my friends back home. I feel like nobody cares. And suddenly I´m stressed, uncomfortable with myself, I´m a mess.

I see people going up and down stairs, not noticing me, if they do I feel they are not thinking anything good about me. Girls wearing highheels, I´m wearing trainers. Boys with an Abercrombie sweatshirt, mine is from a flee market. I´m totally out of place. What the fuck am I doing here? I should have stayed at home. I´m insane.

Ok, a big whatever to life. I chose this, I´m gonna live with it. Deep breath. As usual, its time to grow up, little by little. If they dont care, why should I? Fuck them.

All of sudden I feel like I´m an adult, I don´t need anyone next to me. Friends change. People change. I´m strong. I´m independent.

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