Thursday, September 1, 2011


Remeber when you were a little girl? Maybe you dreamed about being a doctor, a teacher, an astronaut... Maybe you thought you would be president someday. I personally played a lot with these little figures. I imagined I was the insignificant good girl. I would meet the awesome and popular guy in the neighbourhood. The light-eyed girl would try to keep him away from me, but he´d see how much I was worth. He´d finally realize how much we´d have in common, how much I´d make him happy and how much I would support him. Then, we´d get married and live happily ever after and even have children.

Now, I´m all grown up, an adult (at least most of the time), I can see it´s not always like that. Especially nowadays. You go to a disco and you can see people who haven´t met before getting too close. Maybe it´s me who is being closed-minded, but I don´t feel like giving myself to someone I don´t know at all. I still want my childhood dream. I think it is difficult to accomplish, but hey, dreams are free and they don´t hurt anyone but me. And it´s my life, so why can´t I wake up every morning following my dreams?

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