Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I go for a walk. Suddenly someone stops me. She wants to tell me how much she hates the clothes people use. She thinks no one understand her. Those clothes were just so extravagant that she would burn them. Then, she asks me what do I think. I hesitated. She talked again. Politics sucks, so does the government, and the university, and people, and family, and life itself.

She stops, she feels now better. I can feel it. I would be happy for her but she just throws all that shit to me and I feel depresed. She walks away like nothing have just happened. I might be quiet but in my head I have things you can´t even imagine. I would like to tell her: Life is hard. If it was easy it would be boring. You have a home, you have a bathroom, you have something to eat everyday, you even have your own room! You can go to receive education. And yet, you complain? Look girl, Fuck You and Have A Nice Day!

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